Jan 30

Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes

happy birthday wishes quotes camelion rose 300x225 Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes

Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes – these Camelion Roses turn pink then yellow then white

Below are two Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes

To Gerry
All the best for your birthday. Take care and God bless. Fondest love.
Judy & Roger

Dear Aunty Gerry,
Hope you have a lovely day and wishing you all the best for 201X.
Love from nephew Glen.

Jan 26

Birthday Wishes Quotes – Big Bang Theory

birthday wishes quotes two lorikeets eating harmony wild bird food 300x126 Birthday Wishes Quotes   Big Bang Theory

Two Lorikeets Eating Harmony Wild Bird Food

This is one of my favourite comedies which I have watched too many times. Below are two memorable birthday wishes and quotes.

[Penny is trying to convince Sheldon to buy Leonard a gift]
Howard Wolowitz: Try telling him it’s a non-optional social convention.
Penny: What?
Howard Wolowitz: Just do it.
Penny: It’s – it’s a non-optional social convention.
Sheldon Cooper: Ah, fair enough.
Howard Wolowitz: He came with a manual.



Sheldon Cooper: The entire institution of gift giving makes no sense. Let’s say that I go out, and I spend 50 dollars on you, it’s a laborious activity, because I have to imagine what you need, where as you know what you need. Now I could simplify things, just give you the 50 dollars directly, and you could give me 50 dollars on my birthday, and so on, until one of us dies, leaving the other one old and 50 dollars richer. And I ask, is it worth it?


Jan 22

Birthday Card from June

birthday wishes quotes card from june 300x225 Birthday Card from June

This is a hardy flower from our backyard we received from our Nanna. I don’t the name of it.

Below is card I received from our family friend June. June has always been strong at English and was in the high school debating team: so she has given me some good card writing tips!

Dear Jeremy

May you have a wonderful Birthday.

“Here’s a special birthday wish, for someone who deserves a wonderful day, and happiness always!”

filled with joy and very special things!

2013 is going to be your best year yet!!

Kind regards and best wishes always.
June XOX

Jan 16

Birthday Quote of the Day

birthday wishes quotes birthday candles v2 268x300 Birthday Quote of the Day

Candles flickering on nephew’s cake

This quote is taken from a funny Seinfeld scene.

“Well, birthdays are merely symbolic of how another year has gone by and how little we’ve grown. No matter how desperate we are that someday a better self will emerge, with each flicker of the candles on the cake, we know it’s not to be, that for the rest of our sad, wretched pathetic lives, this is who we are to the bitter end. Inevitably, irrevocably; happy birthday? No such thing.”

Jerry Seinfeld quotes (American television Actor and Comedian, b.1954)

Jan 15

Memorable birthday videos

Below are some great birthday videos.

The Beatles play Happy Birthday (very rare) 0:30

The Beatles “Birthday” song 2:47

Happy Birthday Mr President – Marilyn Monroe 2:11

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Jan 12

Some inspirational links for your birthday cards

One fine article about an autistic son's birthday and the other to give some more birthday ideas.

  • Birthday wishes « A boy with Asperger's – To say this is a belated birthday post is understatement! My little man, as of the first of October 2010 was one year older. Yes, his now into the double figures, where have the years gone?. This can only mean one thing!

  • Birthday Greetings Messages And Birthday Wishes – Happy Birthday Greetings and Birthday Wishes Quotes. Are you not satisfied with the above messages or you are looking more messages. I have written another 10 collection of best birthday wishes for you which can be used for your Cards.

Jan 09

Romantic Birthday Wishes and Quotes Ideas From Popular Songs

birthday wishes quotes lorikeet on window sill 225x300 Romantic Birthday Wishes and Quotes Ideas From Popular Songs

Birthday Wishes Quotes – Lorikeet on Window Sill

Sometimes it’s hard to think of something special to write on your birthday card to your partner. Not only is there the present to think of but what you write on a card can be just as important as the present itself! It seems too routine to just say the same thing as last year. Why not lose the sameness and come up with something fresh! Try using a quote from a song you might have shared together in your courting days. Below are some examples from popular groups starting with the Beatles to select from. But of course you can select your own favourite song and knock out your partner with your thoughtfulness!

“Well she looked at me, and I, I could see
That before too long I’d fall in love with her”
- I saw Her Standing There
“And I do appreciate you being round”
- Help!
“But when I get home to you
I find the things that you do
Will make me feel alright”
- A Hard Day’s – Night
“It’s getting better since you’ve been mine”
- Getting Better

How about one from Burt Bacharach?
“When you smile I can tell we know each other very well”
- This Guy’s in Love with You

Or Neil Sedaka to make the spine tingle!
“Oo, I hear laughter in the rain,
Walking hand in hand with the one I love.”
- Laughter in the Rain

Queen didn’t have many love songs but how about this one.
“You’re my best friend
Ooo, you make me live”
- You’re my best friend

Led Zeppelin for the heavy rockers!
“You need coolin’, baby, I’m not foolin’,
I’m gonna send you back to schoolin’”
- Whole Lotta Love
“Need a woman gonna hold my hand
tell me no lies, make me a happy man”
- Black Dog

On a similar note Guns and Roses had this one.
“Now and then when I see her face
She takes me away to that special place”
- Sweet Child of Mine

I couldn’t leave out Stevie Wonder.
“You are the sunshine of my life
That’s why I’ll always be around”
- You are the sunshine of my life

Finally some birthday wishes and quotes from some of the best ever female songs.
Aretha Franklin
“And I just want to be (Want to be)
Close to you.
You make me feel so alive!”
- A natural woman.

“Call me (call me) on the line
Call me, call me any, anytime”
- Call Me

Dionne Warwick
“And wondering what dress to wear, now
I say a little prayer for you”
- I say a little prayer

Karen Carpenter
“That is why all the girls in town follow you all around;
Just like me, they long to be close to you.”
- Close to you

Your partner will be most impressed by your creativity this year!

Dec 19

Birthday Wishes Quotes

Birthday Wishes

birthday wishes quotes post 1 daisies in back yard 300x297 Birthday Wishes Quotes

“Happiest birthday wishes to [Name]! It’s been so great getting to know you this year!!”

“Sending birthday wishes to my friend [Name]! You’re gorgeous, talented, kind, and most importantly, you learned it all from me!”

“Happy Birthday to my dear friend [Name]! My very best wishes to you today. [Name]l”

“Happy birthday to [Name]!!! May all your wishes come true in 201Y!!!”

“Happy birthday to the woman every woman wishes to be as fearless and as confident as, [Name]! :)”

“Advanced birthday wishes to our dear super star & super human being. A man so simple, humble & lively and who treats everyone so well.”

“Happy Birthday to sweet [Name]!!!!! [Name], I hope you have a wonderful day and that all your birthday wishes come true! :0)”

Birthday Quotes

“Age is a number and mine is unlisted.” -Anonymous

“Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new.” — Sammy Hagar

“I know I haven’t been the best father, but I love you son.”

David Lee Murphy quote “There might be a little dust on the bottle - Happy Birthday”

“With love there comes jealousy”

“Wear whatever you want, it’s your birthday!” – quote Gary R. Herron D.D.S.

“Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.” – Maurice Chevalier

“A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age.” Robert Frost quotes (American poet, 1874-1963)

“Men are like wine: some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.” – Pope John XXIII


Good luck everyone with your birthday wishes and quotes!!



Jeremy Rawlings